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Rose Tyler Make-Up and Wig Test

*bangs head on wall*  I was just experimenting! I swear!  Ohhh geez, at this rate I’m going to have THREE costumes for Dragon*Con next year: Winry, Merrill, and Rose Tyler.

I’m still not sold on the wig…I really want to do her outfit from Tooth and Claw so I might just dye my already curly hair for that weekend since a cheap dye job is really all Rose can afford.

Also might need false lashes because as much as I PILED on the mascara, they still don’t look as dark and as thick as hers.

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    We’ll see. Still got 11 months to go (oh maker…that’s too far away ;_;)
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    BPR: Where’d you get the wig? And do you know what kind of fiber it is? YAY! I had so much fun as Shianni this year that...
  4. pairofpoots said: Oh, my goodness, you look so pretty! Love it. :D